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Tips and FAQ's


  • Salt water gargling is of utmost importance in complaint of any ENT problems like tonsillitis, apthous ulcers, infection of upper respiratory throat, etc. It is one of the best, first line of treatment and can avoid many complications.
  • Never ever have something hot immediately followed by cold and vice versa and also never get exposed from a hot atmosphere to a cold and vice versa, as the sudden change in temperature or atmosphere causes damage of the nervous system leading to tremors or even paralysis.
  • Always get your tooth filled with natural ceramic filling because the amalgamated gold or other fillings has mercury in it which over a period of time causes degenerative diseases of the brain like in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • While sleeping, always sleep turned to your right side as the curvature of the stomach is on the right and it helps in proper digestion where as if you sleep on your left, acid secretions will increase causing reflux eosophagitis, gastritis and leading to improper metabolism.
  • Before drinking, cooking or eating anything removed from a refrigerator, bring it to a room temperature, as the coldness is sufficient to spoil your health.
  • Never ever, consume too cold water for drinking purpose as it destroys liver functions.
  • To avoid wrinkles, always have a cold-water bath.
  • Instead of taking vitamins and minerals such as B-complex, Vit-C, calcium or iron tonics, try to improve your digestion and absorption (metabolism).
  • Always keep your head warm and safe even if the rest of the body is bare, as it is the CPU of your body.
  • Always tie or wrap a cloth round your waist as it helps in preventing certain major problems like hernia, slip disc and displacement of the solar plexus while straining during lifting of heavy objects etc.
  • Rose water is the best anti-inflammatory medicine in case of eye diseases as almost all eye drops are made of rose water as the base.
  • Never go to toilets at public lavatories, which are unclean as you get infected.
  • Numbness, tingling sensation, pricking sensation often in any part of the body, particularly limbs is an indication of future attack of paralysis. Hence, take precautions.
  • Burning sensation, black spots or blackish discoloration of the skin gradually, sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss, brittleness or curving of nails, shortness of breath on exertion, sudden and frequent attack of giddiness, frequent blurriness or dullness of vision often, are all not good signs. Consult a good physician immediately.
  • Lithotripsy, a procedure wherein crushing of the renal or gall bladder stones, is rather a relief than a treatment, as the causative factors for the stones (accumulation of acids and salts) and improper metabolism are still present and hence needs to be treated.
  • Bad odor from the mouth is mainly an indication of indigestion of the stomach or improper liver metabolism, until and unless there is no decay of tooth. It needs proper treatment.
  • There are medicines as blood purifiers to treat impurities of blood known as (blood dyscrasias) only in Ayurveda and Unani systems of medicine.
  • Most of the medicines are hepato-toxic (liver), some are nephro-toxic (kidneys) and few are neuro-toxic (nerves). Hence, avoid medications as far as possible.
  • Vertebral column disorders can be well treated provided the patient sleeps on a flat, hard surface straight on his back.
  • Most of the medicated skin creams applied externally, which end with ate, one and al are steroidal preparations. Hence, avoid them.
  • Potash alum and water used as mouthwash prevents from tooth decay, apthous ulcers, and diseases of the gums like pyorrhea, gingivitis, etc.
  • Investigations like ECG, X-ray, MRI, U/S scan do not show or prove a disease until it occurs, whereas a good physician can forecast in diagnosing a disease of the patient, and tries to prevent it.
  • Persons with low blood sugar and low blood pressure are to be more cared for, because they are more at risk than vice versa.
  • In a case of head injury, the contents (brain) are more important than the container (skull).
  • For a person suffering from diabetes, his feet should be as clean as his face.
  • Pimples are caused due to excess of heat, skin infection, unhygienic conditions, low hemoglobin levels or poor blood picture and low blood pressure, excess of salts in the blood like in renal failure and jaundice.
  • Decayed, suppurative wounds are to be dressed with Camphor, for it prevents decaying and helps in healing the wounds.
  • A full guava or 2-3 pieces of papaya or 2-3 tsp of fresh curds after every principal meal helps in digestion, thereby reduces the risks of constipation and diseases.
  • Unnecessary consumption of H-2 blockers like Ranitidine causes Carcinogenic effects and any antacids or neutralizing agents cause a condition called Achlorhydria, which is more critical than gastritis.

    It is the king of diseases. Once a king is there, the subjects ought to be there. Improper, untimely, irregular, hard, not soft, twice a day or once in two three days is considered as constipation.Because of constipation, many symptoms and diseases may occur like.

  • Simple Headache to cancer of the colon or rectum can be due to irregular bowels.
  • Appendicitis is many a time caused due to chronic constipation.
  • Severe pain abdomen like in Colitis, Intussusceptions of intestine, Displacement of solar plexus, Gastritis etc is caused due to chronic constipation.
  • Other diseases, like Opthous ulcers, Hernia, Piles, Fissures, Gout, Arthritis, etc are caused due to chronic constipation.
  • Most of the diseases start as a symptom such as constipation then progressing to a disease of a specific organ or multiple disorders.Hence, throw the king out, the subjects will also follow through.