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Viral fevers like Flu, Dengue, SARS, Swine Flu, Chikungunya, etc are scaring the population in large. Though a large number of cases have been encountered most recently, it is the fear of these diseases and not exactly the disease that is causing more panic in the population. Hence, the need of the hour is to prevent the disease and to take all the precautionary measures to avoid this contagious disease from spreading. The basic questions are;

  • Is there any Prophylactic Treatment available?
  • If so, how far is it successful?
  • What may be the cost or is it too costly?
  • Who all can take it?
  • Is it safe to be taken by people of all age, kids and pregnant ladies too?
  • For how many days one needs to take the treatment?

It is announced to all the people not to panic and rest assured that UNANI system of medicine has a Prophylactic Treatment for the epidemic diseases in ancient texts, which is of low cost and no risk and side effects provided it is taken under the supervision of a UNANI medical graduate and a legally qualified practitioner.

Apart from the preventive and precautionary measures which are commonly taught by almost all the doctors and the media as well, the preventive medicine aspect is that;

  • There is a definite preventive treatment for almost all the epidemic diseases.
  • It is 100% successful depending on the resistance of an individual, their life style and good hygiene practices.
  • It is not costlier than the cost of the mask or any other preventive measures.
  • Any person who is healthy and is not even exposed to such diseases or is in the risk of contagious disease can take this Prophylactic Treatment.
  • It can be taken by all individuals irrespective of their age, gender or medical conditions like pregnancy etc except with slight changes in the dosage and form as recommended by a UNANI physician.
  • The Prophylactic treatment has to be taken for a short period of 5-7 days which is free from any side effects or adverse effects.

Our most popular products VIRO-FLU DROPS AND VIRO CAPS is the answer for the above mentioned diseases.

The common points to be remembered and followed are that, an individual should not be constipated and his bowels should be soft and regular and he should consume normal soft bland diet for the above said period of 5-7 days. Drinking water has to be boiled for a period of 30 min with the leaves of holy basil (Krishna Tulsi, 8-10 leaves per 2 liters of water) and a piece of dried ginger. To drink plenty of fresh fruit juices particularly those rich in vitamin-C thus improving the immunity against such disease.